Coal, Cattle, Cotton and Crops

in a big wide country

Moura is located in Banana Shire on the Dawson Highway,

180km south-west of Rockhampton or 586 km north-west of Brisbane.

This diverse township is located in the Dawson Valley.

It is well known for its Coal, Cattle, Cotton & Crops.

Nitrate Industry

Queensland Nitrates’ fully integrated ammonium nitrate facility is designed to produce 185,000 tonnes per year of explosive grade ammonium nitrate, and provides a strategic resource to help industry.

The location of the facility was selected because of the availability of feedstock gas, raw water and electricity. The end product is transported by road to other open-cut mines in the Bowen Basin.

Deputy Premier Jim Elder officially opened QNP’s $240 million plant on 6 October 2000.

Approximately 70 permanent staff are employed at the plant.