Coal, Cattle, Cotton and Crops

in a big wide country

Moura is located in Banana Shire on the Dawson Highway,

180km south-west of Rockhampton or 586 km north-west of Brisbane.

This diverse township is located in the Dawson Valley.

It is well known for its Coal, Cattle, Cotton & Crops.

Coal Seam Gas Production

An Associated Product of Coal

Coal Seam Gas is almost pure methane gas recovered from coal seams where it has been trapped for millions of years. It is recovered at ‘sales quality’ with no treatment necessary before use. Following significant exploration by various companies since the 1970’s, B.H.P. together with M.I.M. began experimental trials in the 1980’s.

Conoco expanded these to full production in 1996. Linked by feeder pipelines from the S.W.Q. gasfields line to Rockhampton and Gladstone the first gas was delivered to coastal markets in 1996-97.

Origin Energy purchased the Conoco lease in 1998 and with new technology Coal Seam Gas reached further commercial potential when the newly commissioned Nitrate Plant was powered solely by local gas in 2000. The first C.S.G. was delivered to the Queensland Cotton Gin in 2005.

During 2006 the original B.H.P. Seamgas and Origin Energy combined as a single entity, known as Anglo Dawson Seamgas.

Westside Corporation took over these operations in 2010.

Moura is known as the ‘cradle of Coal Seam Gas” in Australia – the location where the viability of C.S.G. was first proven.

Moura continues to be an industry leader in developing new procedures and technologies. There is a Model Gas Well on display to the left of the Moura Information Centre.